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This site contains two books - over 250,000 words - detailing the history of Elgin, Illinois. Both books are complete and simple to search.

Here are the books...

Elgin: Days Gone By
This is an anectodal history of Elgin written by E. C. Alft, author of many other books pertaining to the history of Elgin, Illinois. As stated in the preface, "This book is not a narrative of the settlement of Elgin, nor of the growth and decline of its dairy and watch industries, nor of its more recent development as a service center. Rather, it is a selection of vignettes, revised and in several cases expanded, which were published in the "Days Gone By" column of the Daily Courier-News beginning in 1981.

Elgin: An American History
This is the best and most complete history book ever written about Elgin, Illinois.  Written in 1984 for Elgin's sesquicentennial by E. C. Alft, Elgin: An American History is a detailed and compelling history of Elgin from its humble beginnings into the mid 1980's.  If you want to learn about Elgin, this book is required reading and your best starting point.

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